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We NEED you

By Anjana Kundu, MBBS, DA and Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP

For a number of reasons, this edition of the newsletter took a little longer to put together, but it is still filled useful information. There is a great review of the SPPM 2nd Annual Meeting, as well as a preview of the next SPPM meeting in Colorado Springs in March 2016. The next meeting will feature internationally renowned speakers Tony Yaksh and KS (Sunny) Anand. Please join us for what promises to be an outstanding session. It will also be a time to re-connect, meet new colleagues and join committees. For more information, please read Dr. Yuan Chi Lin’s more detailed review.

Dr. Sabine Kost Byerly has a very thoughtful President’s message on advances in pain management and the state of affairs in pediatric pain medicine.  Have we improved over the past 20 years? Read her statement and consider our present and our future.

Also included in this issue is a review of the recent activities of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in regards to pediatric pain management and prevention of opioid misuse and abuse.  Last, but not least, this edition also includes an ultrasound guided penile block by Dr. Ifran Suleman.

We have been keeping our Facebook page updated with some of the educational materials, news items and discussions related to the topic of opioid misuse/abuse in children (and adults). Recent topics include the FDA’s approval of Oxycontin for children as young as 11 years.  Check the Facebook page out for more information, or just check it out for fun.

Please consider contributing to the newsletter. There is a SPPM Communications Committee, and as with most of our committees, it is open to ALL members. Bring us your ideas, suggestions, case reports, reviews, interesting articles, book reviews, article reviews, musings, or thoughts on additional topics of interest.  The newsletter, our Facebook page and Twitter account are the best ways to communicate with us and with each other. Let’s use them.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at:

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