Welcome to the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM), a Society organized within the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia. The SPPM concept originated with directors and key leaders of acute and chronic pediatric pain medicine programs, who believed there was a need for a new society because of rapid advancement of highly specialized knowledge in the field, a great increase in the numbers of patients, and strong desire for collaboration and advocacy for infants, children, and adolescents with painful conditions.

SPPM Response to NPR’s Invisibilia Podcast “The Fifth Vital Sign”

The Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine is a professional organization dedicated to providing better care for children in pain, through clinical care, education, research and advocacy. We listened with interest to the NPR Invisibilia podcast “The Fifth Vital Sign”.  We are encouraged to see that pediatric pain is receiving long overdue acknowledgement and attention.  Your podcast has the power to influence the lives of millions as is evident from the response it has generated.  When dealing with medical and health information it is imperative to represent the information in an accurate and objective manner backed by scientific facts. Personal interpretations and sensationalism run the risk of creating fear, alarm and unintended harm to the listeners.  MORE

SPPM Education and Research Fund

The Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine has developed the SPPM Education and Research Fund to ensure the growth of the educational and scientific discovery endeavors of the Society and to establish a solid foundation for its successful future as an entity dedicated to better care of children in pain.

SPPM leaders have all made donations to the fund. We are now asking our members for support. Any amount of support, large or small, will be accepted and we hope that you will support this worthy cause at ANY level.

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